Saturday, 2 August 2014

Mitchell - 2 August 2014

From all accounts, the winds are bad on the eastern side of Australia, no matter where you live and Mitchell is no different. Last night they were very strong, so this morning Bruce secured our back awning even more.

The caravan park is on the banks of the Maranoa River and we walked across it this morning into town - just on the other side of the river. Mitchell flooded in 2012 and the bridge looks fairly new so must have been replaced after that. There is a flood marker level above the new bridge (the river reached 9.84 metres) and all down the bank next to the bridge are flood markers going down from 10 metres in increments of a metre. The last record flood level was 148 years before.
Just on the other side of the bridge is the Artesian Spa, and there were people using it. The wind was a bit cool for me to even think of it.

We had a look at the houses for sale and there were a few ads stating that the upstairs did not flood in 2012. There was even one ad saying that it didn't flood upstairs and there isn't even an upstairs that I could see!
The old Courthouse in Mitchell was where the Kenniff Brothers were tried and sentenced in 1902. They were Australia's last bushrangers and were arrested for murder. They were also cattle thieves.
Back at the caravan, I made a slice and some muffins to keep Bruce going for his morning and afternoon tea. He was fading away to a shadow! We stayed around the van for the afternoon so Bruce could keep out of the winds. Hopefully they won't be as bad tomorrow.

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  1. Hi Maur, Hi Bruce. Thought I would post a comment so that you don't feel lonely. I was actually out in Yuleba last Monday week, and went for a run into Roma and then Mitchell. A lot of the pubs are boarded up in Roma. Sad. A lot of the gas mobs have set up their own fully self contained cities, like the one just before entering Roma, and everything is supplied for around 3000 personnel which has shot Roma in the foot a bit. I think the rentals expected were a bit greedy so maybe that is part of the reason. I always loved the personality of Surat, rather quaint. Catch up soon and keep exploring.